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Scrap Metal Recycling Baltimore

Fraley Corporation provides scrap metal recycling services for Industrial/Commercial business as well as residential customers.

Metals most commonly recycled:

Residential Recycling

  • Appliances (small and large)
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Windows
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wire
  • Batteries
Steel Recycling Baltimore & Mid Atlantic regions

Commercial/Industrial Recycling

  • Rail and Rail Cars
  • Busheling
  • Structural Steel and Piping
  • Alloys
  • Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Wire
  • Obsolete machinery and equipment
  • Crop ends
  • Rebar
  • Steel Buildings

Recycling services we offer for all customers:

  • A dedicated buyer will work with you to analyze your scrap metal materials, discuss and design pricing. Develop strategies to remove your scrap metals to maximize your return.
  • Scrap containers, trucks and flatbed trailers are readily available for transporting your scrap metals.

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